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fic: "Complicated" by Tielan - R [Kate/Will]

TITLE: Complicated
AUTHOR: Tielan
SUMMARY: Kate drives Will crazy.
CATEGORY: humour, romance, angst
DISCLAIMER: Not mine, making no money, etc.
NOTES: Was going to be a prompt for the sfa_pornbattle, only I didn't get it finished in time and it wandered far from the original prompt.

Kate's complicated and messy and has trouble written all over her. Will doesn't know why he puts up with her, only that he does.
Sanctuary Kate Smirk

Fic: Family Ties 2/2

Title: Family Ties, Part II
Rating: pg-13
Characters: Helen Magnus, Will Zimmerman, Kate Freelander, Bigfoot, Henry Foss
Pairing: Kate/Will
Spoilers: None
Warnings: mild language, baby!fic
Summary: Will and Kate are going to have a kid. Eventually, Kate might even tell her mother. Scenes from a pregnancy. Season 3 AU

Notes: For the beth_soprano for the inthefighting Secret Steno exchange. Beth wanted: " Baby fic. Not PN timeline please! Established relationship preferred; please no drama or extreme sappiness.
(Prompt #4): Though non-established relationship would be great too. "
Soooo you get Babyfic! Hopefully it isn't too dramatic or Sappy. I tried to hit their snark but remain true to the situation's gravity (and potential for adorable) This is part one. Part two is incoming. BIG thanks to kgaleway for the extremely helpful suggestions and character sanity checks.
Sorry it took so long to finish! I hope you enjoy it!

Part I
Part II

Complete work also on a03
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